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Boundary Layer Codes for Students in Java, Version 2.1
Developed at the Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech by William J. Devenport and Joseph A. Schetz.

    Here we present JAVA computer codes that are intended for student use solving boundary-layer problems in a text such as "Boundary Layer Analysis, Second Edition" by J. A. Schetz and R.D.W. Bowersox (AIAA, 2011) or boundary-layer convection problems in a text such as "Heat Transfer" by J. P. Holman (McGraw Hill, 1986) and other similar tasks. These codes are specifically not intended as general purpose codes for use by working professionals in the field. The goal has been to keep the formulation, logic and programming as simple as possible so that the student can easily grasp the flow of the calculations. There are eight separate codes

Some background information about these codes are available in the papers BOUNDARY LAYER CODES FOR STUDENTS by William J. Devenport and Joseph A. Schetz, and HEAT TRANSFER CODES FOR STUDENTS IN JAVA by William J. Devenport, Joseph A. Schetz and Yu Wang. Details of the theory behind these various boundary layer methods can be found in the above texts. Operating instructions and examples of use for the codes can be found here.

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